Supplies funded for 2017-18

All school supplies have been acquired for the school year.  All thanks to the donors who support this effort!  With the money left over, MaSaliou intends to continue expanding the laptop bank for the kids.  I believe he had two laptops to work with last year and perhaps he can purchase one more.  He also wanted to make sure the kids got some shoes this year, as many have outgrown or worn out what they had.

Funding Update: September, 2013

MaSaliou has requested 12-volt lanterns for the children to be able to study at night.  This keeps them in school for then they are able to help at home after school and study when it is too dark to work.  Don’t forget, there is no electricity in these villages.  I am currently looking into the possibility of purchasing lanterns in country which MaSaliou can take to the children when school recommences in October.  He has now most of the school supplies, yet hasn’t any books for the students.


Update from Senegal: September, 2013

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Hoping everything is well with you and your family.

Let me begin by expressing my own gratitude as well that of the students and their parents. Your generosity has echoed across all the surrounding villages. Thanks to the money you sent, I was able to secure most of the school supplies for the kids as well as improve on their diet with the school meals.

Our needs remain the same :  Acquire school supplies for the students and provide them with a better diet during the school year.

There is a new volunteer teacher that has been assigned to the school. He is very dynamic and sensitive to helping the students, which helps me a lot.

One thing we wish for this year is to provide the students with 12V battery powered lanterns so they can study in the evenings as they are for the most part busy with household chores or helping their parents in the fields during daylight … if feasible.

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Best wishes,  MaSaliou

Funds Delivered: May, 2013

We sent $350 in May, 2013. We are looking to send another chunk of change for lanterns and the usual school supplies and nutrition for the students by the end of September, 2013.


Funding Update: August, 2012

Since the last writing our teacher has been, well, busy! MaSaliou’s laptop bit the dust, but we did get another one to him. The school lost a teacher, so MaSaliou was asked to pick up the class of 29 to teach this year (that’s in addition to his 31 students). And he’s also love-struck, so he’s now married too. What a year!

We have $250 saved up so far to send, but I’d like to get $600 minimum gathered so the kids can at least have all the school supplies to make teaching and learning less difficult. Books are another story. MaSaliou is really concentrating on getting the supplies and books this year. We’re taking it one slow step at a time. Come walk with us!


Funds Delivered: February, 2012

I’m still learning how to do this! In February we sent $200. We have some regular contributors, and I want to thank them very much; that is our core of helpers. In March, the teacher, MaSaliou, got married and his wife now lives with his family in Thies. School continues into June, so I’m saving the money currently contributed for the reopening in Autumn. Perhaps this will be the year that every child in class begins with all their supplies on hand! Perhaps they’ll even have curriculum books enough to share, as well.

A big thank you to DROG’s creator, Sue Cowing, for her excellent donation! Visit Sue’s website at and see what beauty she has contributed to our world!


Funds Delivered: December, 2011

We just sent $185 to the teacher and he’s getting books with it! YAY! Thank you so much!