Since the last writing our teacher has been, well, busy! MaSaliou’s laptop bit the dust, but we did get another one to him. The school lost a teacher, so MaSaliou was asked to pick up the class of 29 to teach this year (that’s in addition to his 31 students). And he’s also love-struck, so he’s now married too. What a year!

We have $250 saved up so far to send, but I’d like to get $600 minimum gathered so the kids can at least have all the school supplies to make teaching and learning less difficult. Books are another story. MaSaliou is really concentrating on getting the supplies and books this year. We’re taking it one slow step at a time. Come walk with us!


About Janine

Hi. I'm a humble pragmatic person who has experienced the gammut of life experiences. I have lived rich and poor; as a minority and majority; in tropical, subtropical and temperate locations; and have been told I could make friends with a rock. I have yet to meet a person I cannot appreciate on some level or glean useful insight from. I am a nurturer and do not know about living without giving and thus want to empower others with self sufficiency enough to hold there own, and grattitude enough for being helpful to others around.

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