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Hoping everything is well with you and your family.

Let me begin by expressing my own gratitude as well that of the students and their parents. Your generosity has echoed across all the surrounding villages. Thanks to the money you sent, I was able to secure most of the school supplies for the kids as well as improve on their diet with the school meals.

Our needs remain the same :  Acquire school supplies for the students and provide them with a better diet during the school year.

There is a new volunteer teacher that has been assigned to the school. He is very dynamic and sensitive to helping the students, which helps me a lot.

One thing we wish for this year is to provide the students with 12V battery powered lanterns so they can study in the evenings as they are for the most part busy with household chores or helping their parents in the fields during daylight … if feasible.

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Best wishes,  MaSaliou

About Janine

Hi. I'm a humble pragmatic person who has experienced the gammut of life experiences. I have lived rich and poor; as a minority and majority; in tropical, subtropical and temperate locations; and have been told I could make friends with a rock. I have yet to meet a person I cannot appreciate on some level or glean useful insight from. I am a nurturer and do not know about living without giving and thus want to empower others with self sufficiency enough to hold there own, and grattitude enough for being helpful to others around.

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