For All Generations organized to help lift children in rural Senegal out of the poverty cycle through access to education (traditional and non-traditional) and by providing supplies to foster their learning process.

Education is available at a price for the poorest families; the price is the help the children give to the homestead. When we can offer education, especially education to girls through the 5th grade, home life improves, and the girls, who tend to stay close to home as adults, have a profoundly positive effect on their communities – perpetuating a sound educational base for all generations.

A student in the classroom prepares some of the artwork you see on this site!

For All Generations seeks monetary donations to invest in the school communities of NDallane, Senegal.

Donations for this project are graciously handled by Willard-Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church for not-for-profit clarity and tax-reporting purposes.  The money is set aside with no additional administrative costs (save for wire transfers/transaction processing) and is sent periodically to the teacher of the children in NDallane to purchase school supplies, first and foremost.

What lies ahead…

Once supplies are secured, additional monies will be set aside and invested in an animal husbandry program through which the entire community will benefit from the techniques learned as well as the byproducts from the animals – the food derived, such as protein from eggs and vitamins from milk, will help keep the children healthy and focused.

Future funds will be allotted to the implementation of a community garden, materials for a proper building, and solar panels and infrastructure for electricity. And when these projects are secured and near completion, we will pursue the most difficult part of the dream: a dozen computers to give these children a chance to improve their region and perhaps the world as they are brought into the 21st century!

UPDATE 2016:  Monsieur Barry has taken the challenge to educate his students to the next level.  All of the above except the  dozen computers has been accomplished!  WOW!  In just five years this progressive leader in the middle of rural Senegal has accomplished the building of a schoolhouse and bathroom facilities, implemented animal husbandry with chickens, promoted a community garden and installed a power source for electricity.  In October, 2016, the congregation of Willard Mt Zion Presbyterian church sent a sum of over $750 to get the new school season off to a great start.  With those funds our teacher was able to purchase the necessary hardware to network laptops and bought the first school laptop computer for the NDallane school.

UPDATE: 2017:  Another amazing gift of $850 made it’s way in early October to NDallane.  Monsieur Barry could hardly believe it, as I had prepared him for much less to work with.  Thanks to all of the donors from Willard-Mt Zion Presbyterian Church, friends and family from around the Ozarks and beyond who brought together such a bright beginning for the school year!


Thank you for sharing in this dream with us. Together, we can make a difference in Senegal that will reach beyond today and make a lasting impact for all generations.

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  1. JCB says:

    Sent $185 to the teacher and he’s getting books with it YAY!! Thank you so much!

    • clarkbarj says:

      I’m still learning how to do this! In February we sent $200 as well. We have some regular contributors and I want to thank them very much; that is our core helpers. In March, the teacher, MaSaliou, got married and his wife now lives with his family in Thies. School continues into June, so I’m saving the money currently contributed for the reopening in Autumn. Perhaps this will be the year that every child in class begins with all their supplies on hand! Perhaps they’ll even have curriculum books enough to share as well.
      A big thank you to DROG”S creator, Sue Cowing, for your excellent donation! Visit Sue’s website at and see what beauty she has contributed to our world! JCB

  2. clarkbarj says:

    Well, since the last writing our teacher has been, well, busy! MaSaliou’s laptop bit the dust, but we did get another one to him. The school lost a teacher, so MaSaliou was asked to pick up the class of 29 to teach this year (that’s in addition to his 31 students). Love struck and he’s now married too. What a year!

    We have $250 saved up so far to send, but I’d like to get $600 minimum gathered so the kids can at least have all the school supplies to make teaching and learning less difficult. Books are another story. MaSaliou is really concentrating on getting the supplies and books this year. We’re taking it one slow step at a time. Come walk with us!

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